Sunny Sun, a female STEM entrepreneur of Snapology, is making strides in her community. As the owner of a franchise, Sunny was able to take a moment to sit down with me and discuss her entrepreneurial experience in a brief interview. Sunny’s approach to her business is focused on hands-on learning where the kids are unaware that it’s educational!

Sunny was asked if she could talk to one person from history who it would be and why? Sunny replied with “female physicists because they are very inspirational to women in the STEM field. I would tell them that more girls are now into STEM. I would tell them how great their achievements were.”

We also asked Sunny if she were teleported to a deserted island what 3 items would she bring? With much thought Sunny replied with” first of all a compass, a box of matches to help set a fire, and a box of essential medications like band-aids.”

When asked where Sunny sees her business in 5 years her reply was “I will be more involved in charity, non-profit, and developing a stronger Snapology with a Discovery Center.

Our last and final question was simply, are you happy? “Yes!” Sunny replied. “I am very happy to be who I am as an entrepreneur and a small business owner. For more information on booking a class with Snapology. Visit or Her company serves Summit and the surrounding areas.

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