The mission of Busy Bees Learning Center is to develop the whole child within the 5 domains of learning and development: Social & Emotional, Approaches to Learning, Language Development and Communication, Cognitive Development, and Physical Motor Development.

We also share research based support to children and their families while providing a common framework for those providing care. We promote high-quality childcare in a trusting and nurturing environment

Our vision for Busy Bees Learning Center is to be recognized as a leader in high-quality childcare for children 0-13 years of age. We pride ourselves on excellence, credibility, and professionalism in a safe learning environment.

Takeerah Jones

About Our CEO

Our services are unique because we provide a curriculum that develops the whole child.

Growing up I always had a positive and pleasurable connection with children. They seemed to gravitate towards me and I towards them. After college I discovered this love for children even further and realized that parents can benefit from my passion to engage and educate their children. In 2010, I landed a job as a substitute teacher at East Orange Community Charter School in East Orange, New Jersey and was promoted pretty swiftly to a permanent Teaching Assistant. Years later, I became an Instructional Assistant at University Heights Charter School for a kindergarten classroom.

I then wanted to lead my own classroom and became a lead teacher at a daycare center for preschoolers in Union, New Jersey.  While in this position I was introduced to teaching Stem and did so on a part-time basis in multiple public schools. From there I taught a special needs child at St. Nicholas School in Jersey City, New Jersey. However, I was laid off in March 2020 due to Covid-19 and immediately began working  to develop my dream of opening my own STEM company. 

Our services are unique because we provide a curriculum that develops the whole child. Parents from the duration of my career are still in contact with me expressing how their child is very bright and how great they are doing thanks to the impact I had on their education at such a young age. I do this by coupling my innate love for children mixed with my love of education to provide a top-notch learning experience.

When I’m not hard at work researching the latest educational trends or working on marketing ideas,  I enjoy hiking, reading, and shopping. I’ve taught at several daycares, public schools, Catholic schools, and Charter schools to gain all of my 13 year experience that I now have and hold dear. I am more than confident that my expertise will provide a peace of mind and value to our working parents. My goal is to provide excellence in child care services that are aimed at enhancing traditional childcare methodologies. This is done by integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into one comprehensive program.